Nov 10, 2017 – First Issue of the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA) by Academic Studies Press, Boston, just released!

Dear friends, colleagues, editors, board members, authors and allies:

It is my great pleasure to announce the publication of the first issue of the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA) by Academic Studies Press (ASP), Boston, MA, as of November 10, 2017!

First, I would like to thank David Michelson, who initiated the entire project and asked me to join the project, during his time at Academic Studies Press (ASP). His support was fantastic and his experience in getting things done is outstanding. I am equally indebted to the wonderful work of Alessandra Anzani from ASP, who realized this first issue of the journal. I would also like to thank Production Editor Kira Nemirowsky and Matthew Charlton, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, for their wonderful work and support.

I would like to thank all anonymous peer-reviewers for their great criticism. Finally, many thanks to all board members, who emphasize the international and interdisciplinary character of JCA.

As editor-in-chief of JCA I would like to thank the editors Lesley Klaff from England, Neil Kressel from the US, Michael Kreutz from Germany, and Ron Jontof-Hutter from Australia. Many thanks to all contributors to this first issue for their great scholarship! It was a pleasure to collaborate with each of you.

The first issue contains peer-reviewed articles about anti-Zionism in contemporary Israeli film, Holocaust denial online, British and German case studies of antisemitism, reviews about left-wing anti-Israel activism and about contemporary Muslim, liberal and right-wing antisemitism in the Netherlands as well as a comment on Nazi looted art.

Most importantly and sadly, the first issue of the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA) includes the very last long article written by the leading historian of antisemitism of our time, Robert S. Wistrich (1945–2015). Robert gave me this article in his office at the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (SICSA), Mount Scopus, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 12, 2015, a week before his tragic and premature death in Rome.

Let me quote from the first Robert S. Wistrich Memorial Lecture, organized by my center, the Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA), by Professor David Ohana from Ben-Gurion University, Israel, from May 19, 2016, which is published in this initial issue of JCA:

“For me, Robert was my big brother ever since I met him in the 1980s at the university on Mount Scopus. It was impossible not to be impressed by him: by his tall stature, his smile, his Cambridge English, the vast historical knowledge he brought with him from overseas, his elegant style of writing, and especially his wisdom, the patience with which he lectured, and his limitless readiness to help colleagues and students. But what was most outstanding was his love of the Jewish people, his passion for Zionism, and his loyalty to the State of Israel.”

This issue of the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism is dedicated to the memory of Robert Solomon Wistrich.

Well: the journals needs subscriptions. Individual subscriptions cost $64, while institutions pay $170 (digital version, for all fees see )

It would be great if each of you could ask your university or NGO, think tank or other institutions if they would like to subscribe to the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA)! In addition, ask friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues if they want to make an individual subscription. Why not?

You find the journal online via this link:

This is the list of contents of our initial issue:

We look forward to seeing your and your colleague’s contributions to the next issues of JCA, please spread the word for submissions!

With all best wishes,

Shabbat Shalom,


Clemens Heni

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA)

Director, The Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA)

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