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How German is the Jewish Museum Berlin?

First published with the Times of Israel, Jan. 27, 2019

Currently, the “Jewish” Museum Berlin is criticized for its distorting of Jerusalem and the Jewish impact on Jerusalem. Volker Beck (The Greens), longtime MP (1994–2017) and former head of the German-Israel Group of Parliamentarians in the German Bundestag (2013–2017), on January 25, 2019, writes in the weekly Die Zeit about an exhibition in the Jewish Museum about “Jerusalem.” The exhibition downgrades the Jewish role of Jerusalem while embracing the Arab or Palestinian narrative. It distorts the Jewish history of that city, but devotes much space to the al-Husseini family, for example, without even mentioning the pro-Nazi approach of Jerusalem Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini.

Then, according to Beck, the museum promotes three groups of particular pious Jewish groups – Neturei Karta, Ne’emanei Har ha-Bayt and Women’s of the Wall. As if antisemitic Jews who collaborate with Holocaust deniers and Iran like Neturei Karta have anything to say about believing Jews. Beck focuses on both what the exhibition shows and what it does not show and say. It shows the “Nakba” and ignores the “600.000” Jews who had to flee Arab states after 1948. This pro-Arab and rather anti-Jewish outline of that exhibition is just the latest scandal of this huge German national institution.

In recent months and years, many journalists and scholars have criticized the Jewish Museum Berlin. However, in a truly unprofessional, if not nasty 3 minutes report in a leading news show on German TV, “Heute Journal” of the Second Channel ZDF on January 17, 2019, they defame criticism of that exhibition and of the Jewish Museum as such. The report interviews the head of the Jewish Museum, Peter Schaefer, who is not Jewish. He denounces critics and blames them to support the Netanyahu government. Netanyahu had criticized the Museum’s anti-Zionist stance, which was for sure not very smart. As if critics of the Jewish Museum depend on Netanyahu!

I myself, for example, am a long-time critic of the Jewish Museum and their pro-Islam as well as post- or anti-Zionist agenda in recent years. I am also known as critic of Netanyahu and his right-wing politics, I even lost my job ad editor-in-chief of a small Jewish monthly, the Juedische Rundschau, in 2014 due to my criticism of Bibi on Facebook. Then, I criticized Netanyahu in 2017 in a foreword to a German translation (which I did alongside with my friend and colleague, Arabist, political scientist and Orientalist Michael Kreutz) of the book “The Israeli Nation-State”, co-edited by Fania Oz-Salzberger and Yedidia Z. Stern, both promote the Jewish and democratic state of Israel and are known as fierce critics of Netanyahu.

Michael Wuliger of the leading Jewish weekly in Germany, the Juedische Allgemeine, published by the Central Council of Jews in Germany (“Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland”), attacks the Jewish museum in an article on January 24, 2019. He analyzes the failure of the Jewish Museum Berlin’s head Peter Schaefer, who is a historian of ancient times. Schaefer is responsible for all the distortions in that exhibition and much more, for the post- or anti-Zionist outlook of the entire institution.

That became clear in summer last year, when the Jewish Museum announced an event with pro-BDS author Sa’ed Atshan from the US, a Palestinian from East Jerusalem. After criticism, the event was not cancelled but took place at another troubling Berlin institution, the ICI (Institute for Cultural Inquiry), with the very same moderator as planned by the Jewish Museum, Katharina Galor, an archeologist. I deal with this and many other historical and contemporary aspects of antisemitism in my new book, “The Complex Antisemitism” (in German).

Another event by the Jewish Museum took place in fall 2018, about “Islamophobia”, organized by Yasemin Shooman, a Muslim co-worker at the museum, who wrote her PhD at the Center for Research on Antisemitism at Technical University Berlin (ZfA) under the auspices of controversial historian Wolfgang Benz, then head of the ZfA. Benz had honored his own PhD advisor from 1968, Karl Bosl, like in 1988, when Bosl (1908–1993) turned 80 years old. In 2009, Benz mentioned Bosl in the announcement material for a lecture. Bosl was a member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) and was paid by a project of the “Ahnenerbe” of the SS (Schutzstaffel) – the SS was a central organization in the Shoah.

Bosl took place in the last conference of Nazi historians mid-January 1945 – that event took place in the birthplace of the “Führer” Hitler himself, in Braunau am Inn (today: Austria), to emphasize the solidarity of these historians with the “Führer”. After 1945, Bosl was still active in antisemitic circles, in 1964 he compared the expulsion of Germans from the East to the Holocaust, embraced antisemitic elements of German history like Ernst Moritz Arndt and spoke at the grave of another former full-time Nazi, Theodor Mayer, in November 1972.

A Jewish Museum’s event in fall 2018 – Living with Islamophobia – announced Moustafa Bayoumi, a strong anti-Israel activist, who did a book on the jihadist ship Mavi Marmara from 2010. Other participants of that event were no less troubling and known for their anti-Zionist politics or the downplaying if not affirmation of Islamism, like Naika Foroutan. In her doctoral dissertation she embraced then Iranian President Chatami (who called Israel a “cancerous tumor”) and framed then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as “state terrorist.” This was the start of a wonderful career of Foroutan in German academia.

Journalist Alan Posener criticized that event in September 2018 in the daily Die Welt. He writes about the coming new main exhibition at the Jewish Museum, which will open by the end of 2019. What seems to be clear so far is the fact, that there will be no special room dedicated to Zionism, one of the most important aspect of Jewish history since the late 19th century. Of course, Zionism will not be completely ignored, but will play a minor role in that new main exhibition.

On the other side, Schaefer emphasizes the role of a “Jewish-Muslim Forum”. Ignoring Islamism is a core element of Schaefer’s ideology, following Shooman, who even publicly attacks the representative of the Jewish Community Berlin for the fight against antisemitism due to his criticism of Muslim antisemitism and a particular dangerous Islamist institution in Berlin. Shooman published her article in 2018 in a Jewish journal called “Jalta,” made by and dedicated to post- and anti-Zionist Jews.

The connection of the Center for Research on Antisemitism and the Jewish Museum is of great importance. In 2013, for example, they both organized an event with British anti-Israel activist Brian Klug, despite international criticism, organized by my center, the Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA). Shooman is among the most controversial co-workers at the Jewish Museum Berlin, as her downplaying of the Islamist threat, the fantasy of Jewish-Muslim cooperation and her anti-Israel stance are obvious.

Many in Israel or the US might think that a Jewish Museum is both pro-Jewish and run by Jews. Not so in Germany. The best known Jewish Museum in Germany is the Jewish Museum Berlin. It is mainly funded (some 75 percent) by the German federal government and its Representative for Culture and Media, Monika Gruetters (CDU, Christian Democratic Union).

But there is much more to say about the “Jewish” Museum Berlin.

Already at the opening of the Museum in 2001, the German nationalist impact of the museum became clear. Journalist Henryk M. Broder attended that event and wrote about it. He analyzed the distortions of the event like the omission of portrays of several of the most famous German Jews, including Rosa Luxemburg, the Communist who was killed on January 15, 1919, Karl Marx, Jakob Wassermann or Gershom Scholem, the Zionist who left the Weimar Republic in 1923 for Palestine and criticized the “myth of German-Jewish symbiosis”.

This myth, though, was at the core of the opening exhibition as Broder wrote. He also focused on the entry of the museum in 2001, where at the opening gala with 850 VIP guests a blackboard out of glass with the names of leading German banks, industrial companies and individuals greeted the audience. That blackboard indicated, for whom the entire Jewish Museum Berlin was made for: Germans, to be absolved of their crimes of the Holocaust, to promote themselves as the new and real heroes of morality in the 21st century.

The German government and Gruetters are also funding the Barenboim-Said Academy in the heart of Berlin, vis-à-vis the Foreign Ministry. Thomas Weidauer and I criticized that institution in June 2015, when the roofing ceremony took place. It is named after Edward Said, a leading antisemitic and post-Orientalist author with immense influence among anti-Zionist academics around the world. Daniel Barenboim was not only a friend of Said, but is also an ally of Said’s widow Mariam Said. She has close connections to the BDS movement, in 2010 she defended the work of the West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra (WEDO) by Barenboim at the hardcore anti-Zionist page “Electronic Intifada”. Mariam Said claims that WEDO is part of the very same battle against the Jewish state than others in the broad BDS camp.

Gruetters and the German federal government are world champions in hypocrisy and claptrap – publicly they denounce the BDS movement, but internally they are funding pro-BDS institutions or museums that downplay the Islamism threat or promote the fake Jewish-Muslim collaboration.

It is an imposition for Zionist scholars to need to go to the Jewish Museum Berlin’s Blumenthal Academy to study Hachschara and the Chaluzim, who prepared for Aliyah in the mid and late 1930s, to escape Nazi Germany and to help establishing a secure haven for Jews in the Middle East. When I was employed at the University of Hannover at the Center of Garden Art and Landscape Architecture (CGL) in 2015 in a project about landscape architecture, Zionism and Hachschara, I went to the Jewish Museum’s Blumenthal academy. They hold a wonderful body of original sources, including letters, brochures, booklets and books, pictures and the like from the Zionist movement in Germany. For example, I discovered a letter dated July 5, 1938, from a Kibbutz in the region of Thuringia, “Kibbutz Mitteldeutschland und Thüringen,” where the author is very happy that his friend will be allowed to join youth Aliyah.

The Jewish Museum Berlin is a German institution. It is dedicated to German ideology. This ideology is based on the fantasy, that Germany and Germany alone is the superstar of morality in the 21st century. No one killed so consequently the Jews than the Germans did. And no one remembers the Holocaust like the Germans. That is the one and only reason, why the German state is funding this institution. They employ and invite Muslim, Jewish and other anti-Israel people, invite pro-BDS agitators, and organize exhibitions that distort the Jewish connection to the city of Jerusalem.

Since when translates “old” into “wise”? Peter Schaefer is an old man (born 1943) and may not know what BDS or the three D’s stand for (Demonization, Double Standard, Delegitimization). On the other hand, he might know that very well. Finally, in the interview with the German TV he uses the antisemitic conspiracy myth of “foreign” influence on Germany (like the stupid intervention by Bibi). He ignores German critics, both Jewish and non-Jewish ones.

In 2012, the Jewish Museum Berlin hosted leading anti-Zionist superstar from California, Judith Butler, who spoke with pedagogue Micha Brumlik, himself a diaspora oriented anti-Zionist who always emphasizes that he is supposedly against antisemitism (like the Iranian threat). The house was packed.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, the day when the Soviet Red Army liberated Auschwitz and the few survivors there. It is time to stop the hype about the “Jewish” Museum Berlin. It is a German National Museum as well as an anti-Jewish Museum. Survivors and their relatives should think twice before giving their historical documents to that institution, for example. Tourists should be aware that the name “Jewish” does not mean that it is a pro-Jewish institution.

Dedicated in honor of Michael’s birthday

Pittsburgh, Trump and the End of an Era: Angela Merkel’s Stepping Down will lead to more Antisemitism around the world

The Times of Israel, October 30, 2018

Pittsburgh, Trump and the End of an Era: Angela Merkel’s Stepping Down will lead to more Antisemitism around the world

Oct 30, 2018, 5:59 PM

On Saturday, October 27, 2018, the worst antisemitic attack ever in the US took place, when a 46year-old American neo-Nazi massacred 11 Jews in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. He screamed, “All Jews have to die”. Nazism was always part of American extremist circles, but it never before resulted in such an antisemitic massacre. Now it did. Because of the current American presidency.

Trump said after Charlottesville, where colleagues of the Pittsburgh killer chanted, “Jews will not replace us,” that there were “very fine people among them”. In Charlottesville, one antifascist protester was killed by a neo-Nazi, who directed his car into a crowd of antifascists.

Last week, just days before the shocking Pittsburgh event, another American neo-Nazi sent over a dozen pipe bombs to former US President Barack Obama, to Hillary Clinton, actor Robert de Niro, former Vice-President Joe Biden, CNN and other people or institutions Trump had been defaming on an almost daily basis in the last two and a half years, ever since this monster decided to run for the presidency. This terrorist had a van with windows pasted up full of pictures of Trump and the GOP and insults for CNN etc.

Trump himself agitates against George Soros, the Jewish billionaire. The antisemitic conspiracy goes like this: Soros supposedly finances left-wing NGOs to support or motivate millions of refugees and Muslims to emigrate to Europe and the Western world. Trump, Hungary’s President Viktor Orbán or pro-Israel groups such as Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) share this antisemitic conspiracy ideology against George Soros, without framing it as such, of course. Soros is perhaps the most hated Jew in the world today, thanks to Orbán, Trump and countless neo-Nazi and far right groups around the globe, but also thanks to many self-declared pro-Israel groups.

In the Washington Post, Julia Joffe points out that those saying the Pittsburgh neo-Nazi was in a way “anti-Trump”, while using Trump’s language of evil “globalists,” are wrong. Joffe analyzes the deep antisemitic ideology of Trump himself:

In the 2½ years that followed, Trump’s tune has become a deafening roar. The closing ad of his campaign reprised the kind of anti-Semitic tropes that populated “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”: “It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities,” Trump’s voice said, as pictures appeared of then-Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen (a Jew), billionaire progressive donor George Soros (a Jew) and then-Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein (also a Jew). The ad was called “Donald Trump’s Argument for America.

Neo-Nazis such as the Pittsburgh killer exactly understand Trump’s tone. They understand that violence is fine, when Trump most recently at a rally imitated a GOP candidate who body-slammed a Jewish journalist from the British Guardian last year. Trump set the horrific tone against “globalism”, a neo-Nazi dog whistle for “the Jews run the world” such as was trumpeted by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion from the early 1900s.

The same happened with HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, founded in 1881 to help Jews fleeing pogroms in Tsarist Russia, when Trump agitates against that very organization because they support a tiny caravan of some 5000 Latin American refugees and other immigrants. Many activists, authors and NGOs praise Trump for his supposedly pro-Israel activities, like his exit from the Iran treaty, his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem or his peace plan for the Middle East. Every single move of Trump was early on based on his unbelievable anti-Western endorsement of violence against women, Muslims, immigrants, the free press, the LGBTQ community, Latinos and the Left. After Pittsburgh, though, every single pro-Trump statement by the self-declared pro-Israel camp drips with the blood of the Jewish people killed in Pittsburgh.

To make bad matters worse, Trump immediately congratulated the new fascist president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, a man known for his rally gesture to wipe out his enemies with a machine gun. We know of much violence supported by the US in recent decades, in particular in Latin America – but such an endorsement in 2018 is still unbelievable.

Finally, the end of the Western world is near, and this is not an exaggeration: Angela Merkel has just declared that she will not run for reelection as head of her Christian Democratic Party in December at the party convention in Hamburg. She also said, that she will for sure end her political career in 2021, when her term as German chancellor ends (it might even end much earlier). As a left-winger, I was of course never an ally of a Christian conservative such as Merkel. However, she had one historical moment not many people will ever have in their lifetime: she opened the German border (more correctly: did not close it) for the hundreds of thousands refugees from Syria, Iraq, the Middle East and other parts of the world, including Afghanistan and both North and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Merkel was the most hated German politician ever since 1949, when the Federal Republic of Germany was founded (FRG), because she was not a racist. The neo-Nazi Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) MP Alexander Gauland “embraces German history” and compared the killing of six millions Jews to the mud of a bird. AfD MP Markus Frohnmaier recently employed as co-worker neo-Nazi Manuel Ochsenreiter, who is an ally of the Islamist regime in Iran and agitates against the “Zionist lobby”. Racism and antisemitism are the core elements of the AfD and their violent agitation against Merkel over the last three years.

After Merkel, German conservativism is likely to become as nationalist and racist as it was during the long rule of Helmut Kohl in the 1980s and 1990s, and it will probably become much worse, as today we also have the right-wing extremist AfD in all state parliaments and in Germany’s  federal parliament (the Bundestag).

Many conservatives share antisemitism via Hungarian President Orbáns agitation against Soros. They include Jens Spahn, currently minister of health under Merkel, who now aspires to become the new head of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Merkel’s successor. He is known for far right statements and right-wing extremist allies or fans.

The antisemitic massacre in Pittsburgh comes at a time, when right-wing extremism, even fascism raises is antisemitic, racist, antidemocratic head again – be it in Germany, the US, Brazil, Hungary, Austria or Italy and many other parts of the world.

The world might face the worst time ever since the defeat of German National Socialism in 1945.

The antisemitic massacre of Pittsburgh might be seen by historians as America’s 1938.

About the Author
Dr Clemens Heni is director of The Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA)

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Mag Kramp-Karrenbauer Nazis? Stoppt die CDU, bevor es zu spät ist!!!

Die CDU-Generalsekretärin Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer hat frontal Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier kritisiert, weil sich dieser unzweideutig gegen Nazis, Hitlergrüße, ganz normale Doitsche, die zu nicht-deutsch genug wirkenden Menschen “Viehzeug” schreien, wie in Chemnitz geschehen, stellt. Steinmeier unterstützt das heute stattfindende Konzert in Chemnitz mit den Toten Hosen, Kraftklub und Feine Sahne Fischfilet:

“Kramp-Karrenbauer sagte der ‘Welt’ zu Steinmeiers Haltung, sie finde das ‘sehr kritisch’. “Denn das, was wir wollen, ist, unsere Demokratie und unseren Rechtsstaat gegen rechts zu schützen. Und wenn man das dann mit denen von links tut, die genau in der gleichen Art und Weise auf Polizeibeamte verbal einprügeln, dann halte ich das für mehr als kritisch.”

Mit genau solchen Personen wie Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer verharmlost man die Nazis. Diese antisemitisch motivierte Gleichsetzung von Rot und Braun war bereits Staatsideologie von Joachim Gauck und auch jetzt sieht eine CDU Generalsekretärin keinen Unterschied zwischen Linken, die Staatsgewalt kritisieren, was mehr als notwendig ist aus demokratischer Sicht, und Neonazis, die die Demokratie zerstören wollen und den Holocaust feiern.

Die CDU setzt also Nazis und Linke auf eine Stufe und damit zeigt Frau Kramp-Karrenbauer, dass sie nichts aus der Geschichte gelernt hat und fehl am Platze ist.

Die CDU hofiert die Nazis, ob via sächsische Landesregierung oder via Kramp-Karrenbauer, denn JEDE Gleichsetzung von Rot und Braun dient nur dazu, die Nazis zu verharmlosen und jeden Kampf gegen rechts zu diffamieren.

Wir sind alle Feine Sahne Fischfilet und die CDU ist Teil des Problems, das in Chemnitz seine Nazi-Fratze zeigt.

Robert S. Wistrich Memorial Lecture | May 31, 2018 | Antisemitism in Poland | Dr. Rafal Pankowski

See the monthly magazine of the Jewish Community Berlin, jüdisches Berlin, May 2018, page one and two:


Antisemitismus auf der Straße, im Café oder im Salon

Verharmlost der Lit Verlag den „linken Flügel der NSDAP“?

Die jüngsten antisemitischen Attacken zeigen ein immer aggressiveres Klima in diesem Land. Die deutsch-muslimischen Rapper Kollegah und Farid Bang verhöhnen auf selten so offen dagewesene kulturindustrielle Weise Juden und Holocaustopfer in Auschwitz und werden dafür mit einem Echo geehrt. Tausende, ja Hunderttausende Kids mögen diesen antisemitischen Pöbel beziehungsweise machen ihn aus. Erst nach Protesten wird dieser Preis jetzt abgeschafft. Dieser ganz offene Judenhass zeigt sich in “du Jude” auf Schulhöfen oder “mach doch kein Judengeschäft”, wenn‘s mal ums Geld geht. Die großen Brüder fahren dann im BMW vor und spielen Kollegah und Farid B.

In Berlin attackieren wenige Tage später Jugendliche einen als Jude verkleideten arabischen Israeli mit Kippa auf offener Straße, einer von ihnen schlägt mit einem Gürtel zu, mitten am Tag, und schreien „Yahudi“ (Jude). Nur eine einzige Frau der dutzenden anwesenden Passant*innen und Cafébesucher*innen im Herzen des ökokapitalistischen, neuen Berlins greift ein.

Das passt zu den 25 Schulleitungen, die sich offenbar weigerten, Seminare über muslimischen Antisemitismus auch nur anzubieten, ganze fünf der 30 angefragten Schulen stimmten zu, wie die Wochenzeitung Die Zeit über ein Projekt der Islamwissenschaftlerin Lamya Kaddor berichtet (19.04.2018, S. 65).

Diese ganz offenen Formen des Antisemitismus sind derzeit nach vielen Jahren endlich im Gespräch, auf allen Kanälen. Aber warum erst jetzt? Warum der Aufschrei, wenn ein einziger syrisch-palästinensischer Antisemit zuschlägt, aber nicht wenn fast sechs Millionen Deutsche – Eike Geisel hätte gesagt “Otto Normalvergaser” – eine Partei wählen, die stolz ist auf die deutschen Soldaten in zwei Weltkriegen?

Dann gibt es jene rechten Agitatoren, die sich berufen fühlen, Antisemitismus zu bekämpfen, solange er von links und Muslimen kommt. Sie (vorneweg Haolam mit dem Autor Gerd Buurmann) diffamieren gerne linke, pro-israelische Juden wie die linkszionistische Jüdin Natalie Portman, wenn diese sich gerade weil sie eine in Israel geborene Zionistin ist und ihr das Land enorm am Herzen liegt, weigert, einen Preis (den Genesis-Preis) persönlich entgegenzunehmen, da bei dessen Zeremonie auch Benjamin Netanyahu sprechen wird?

Viele haben immer noch nicht gelernt, dass diese Form von Kritik an israelischer Politik sehr richtig, ja sogar überlebensnotwendig ist für das Projekt eines jüdischen und demokratischen Staates. Darauf weist der amerikanisch-jüdisch-zionistische Autor Elad Nehorai im Forward mit Nachdruck hin.

Der deutsche Mainstream hat ein Problem mit Antisemitismus, die extreme Rechte pusht ihn seit vielen Jahren und mit der AfD sitzt jetzt eine Partei im Bundestag, die einer extrem deutsch-nationalen, nicht nur rassistischen, sexistischen, anti-linken, behindertenfeindlichen, sondern namentlich einer antisemitischen Agenda Vorschub gibt (häufig philosemitisch kaschiert) und den Antisemitismus wie die Erinnerungsabwehr an die Shoah promotet (sekundärer Antisemitismus).

Viele Linke, ob (post-)migrantisch oder nicht, hassen den Judenstaat und laden z.B. am 9. Februar 2018 die schwarze Antisemitin Jackie Walker aus Großbritannien ins Café Plume zum Landesarbeitskreis Internationales der Partei Die Linke in Berlin ein.* Walker meint, Juden hätten am Sklaven- und Zuckerhandel verdient, der Holocaustgedenktag wäre völlig einseitig und exklusiv für Juden und “Antizionismus sei eine Pflicht”.

Die Situation für Juden in Großbritannien ist enorm aggressiv, ca. 80 Personen sind alleine in der Labour Party von Ausschlüssen wegen Antisemitismus im Gespräch, wie die FAZ berichtet. Die Debatte in England und Großbritannien über linken Antisemitismus hat enorme Bedeutung, wie auch die Jüdische Allgemeine betont.

In Berlin wird dann am 25. April 2018 auch von verschleierten Musliminnen auf einer von der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin organisierten Veranstaltung (“Berlin trägt Kippa”) Kippa getragen, weil “Berlin immer brauner” werde, wie sie SpiegelOnline sagen, ohne zu erwähnen, dass der Anlass diesmal nun mal ein arabischer Antisemit aus Syrien war (offenbar ein Palästinenser). Ein Anti-Merkel Agitator wie Claus Strunz wurde “passenderweise” von der Jüdischen Gemeinde engagiert, auch wenn sich auf dem Event z.B. jüdische Studierende gegen die AfD aussprachen.


Jene, die jetzt in den (a)sozialen Medien wie Facebook oder Twitter nicht etwa Antisemitismus attackieren, sondern dies nur als Aufhänger benutzen, um gegen alle Nicht-Deutschen und Migrant*innen zu agitieren, haben mit ihrer „Erklärung 2018“ vom 15. März 2018 ein Manifest der Neuen Rechten zur Hand.

Diese Erklärung 2018 kam nun etwas ins Gerede, weil ein Unterzeichner, der Verleger Wilhelm Hopf vom Lit Verlag, seine Unterschrift wieder zurücknahm, wie ich im Tagesspiegel schrieb. Er hatte offenkundig Panik bekommen, dass Hunderte Herausgeber*innen und Autor*innen, die sich in einem Offenen Brief gegen Hopfs Unterschrift unter diese Erklärung wandten, als Kooperationspartner*innen des Lit Verlags abspringen.

Aber was publizieren Hopf und der Lit Verlag und seine Mitarbeiter*innen eigentlich für Bücher?

Hopf kooperierte über Jahrzehnte hinweg mit dem einflussreichsten Vordenker der Neuen Rechten, Henning Eichberg (1942–2017).

In den 80er Jahren publizierte Hopf mehrere Bücher mit Texten Eichbergs zu Sport und Kultur, 1982 verfasste er gar zusammen mit Eichberg ein langes Nachwort zu einer Broschüre aus dem späten 19. Jh. über Fußball und „Fußlümmelei“.

In diesem Nachwort schmiegen sich Eichberg/Hopf an den völkischen Vorturner schlechthin, „Turnvater“ Friedrich Ludwig Jahn von der Berliner Hasenheide an. Kein kritisches Wort zur antifranzösischen Hetze Jahns oder seinem Werk „Deutsches Volkstum“ (1810).

Aber es kommt noch viel krasser: Hopf legte 2011 ein Buch von Eichberg neu auf: „Minderheit und Mehrheit“, das ursprünglich 1979 als Schulbuch herausgekommen war. Auch im April 2018 ist dieses Buch beim Lit Verlag erhältlich. Darin schreibt Eichberg folgenden Satz (S. 29), wie schon 1979:

„In der öffentlichen Wahlpropaganda vor 1933 und auch bei einigen linken NSDAP-Führern selbst (zum Beispiel beim linken NSDAP-Flügel um Gregor Strasser) blieb hingegen der Antisemitismus zunächst im Hintergrund.“

In der Nazi-Ideologie und in dem NSDAP-Parteiprogramm von 1920 konnten Juden „keine Volksgenossen“ sein. Wie kann der Lit Verlag also schreiben, der „Antisemitismus“ der Nazis sei „vor 1933“ „im Hintergrund“ geblieben? Hitlers „Mein Kampf“, Erster Band, erschien 1925.


Eichberg hatte sich schon früher mit Goebbels und den Strasser-Brüdern befasst, namentlich bezog er sich 1970 in seinem Text „Sozialismus von rechts“ positiv auf die Broschüre „Nazi-Sozi“ von Goebbels von 1926. Neben den Gebrüdern Strasser meint Eichberg exakt diesen ach-so-wahnsinnig-linken Flügel der NSDAP in seiner Passage im Lit Verlag. Goebbels schrieb in seinem Pamphlet:

„Gewiß ist der Jude auch ein Mensch. Noch nie hat das jemand von uns bezweifelt. Aber der Floh ist auch ein Tier, nur kein angenehmes. (…) Würden diese 60 Millionen gleich wie wir gegen den Juden kämpfen, dann brauchten sie sich nicht mehr zu fürchten, sondern dann wäre der Jude mit der Furcht an der Reihe.“

1972 schrieb Eichberg das Manifest „Aktion Neue Rechte“ und wurde zum einflussreichsten neu-rechten Autor und eloquenten Hetzer. Seine Übernahme von linken Sprachmustern ist Kennzeichen der „Querfront“, rechtsextreme Inhalte als links zu verkaufen. 1976 hatte Eichberg in der Nazi-Postille „La Plata Ruf“ des ehemaligen Goebbels-Mitarbeiters im Reichspropagandaministerium, Wilfred von Oven, geschrieben. 1979 publizierte Hopf Eichberg in einem Buch über Fußball. 1987 kam der Ex-SS-Mann Franz Schönhuber von den REPublikanern aufs Titelblatt von Eichbergs Hauspostille „wir selbst“. Parallel wurde Eichberg von Wilhelm Hopf weiterhin im Lit Verlag publiziert.

In der Neuauflage 2011 im Lit Verlag promotet Eichberg auch die neu-rechte Ideologie schlechthin, den „Ethnopluralismus“ (S. 151ff.), der Menschen nicht als Menschen sieht, sondern jeweils nur als Teil eines Volkes. Diesen Text hatte Eichberg zuvor in der rechtsextremen Postille „Volkslust“ publiziert. Wie schon 1979 stellt er die „Gleichheit der Menschen“ in Frage (S. 116). Das ist die rassistische Ideologie der alten wie der Neuen Rechten.

Am 4. März 1982 publizierte der STERN einen prominent angekündigten Text des Journalisten Ulrich Völklein. Er setzt Nazi-Terror wie den Bombenanschlag auf das Münchener Oktoberfest vom September 1980 mit 13 Toten in Beziehung zur Neuen Rechten. Eichberg wird als der „gefährlichste“ von drei untersuchten neu-rechten Autoren bezeichnet. Der Text wurde in einer Auflage von über 1,9 Millionen gedruckt, wie die Zeitung auf S. 5 schreibt. Titel des Textes „Die roten Nazis“. Eichberg war ein maßgeblicher Brandstifter und neu-rechter Ideologe, zuletzt als Autor im bekannten Lit Verlag.



“On Friday, 9th February, we‘ll be organising a Stammtisch with Jackie Walker, a black Jewish member of Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour party. Jacky is the former vice-chair of Momentum, and is being threatened with being thrown our of the Labour Party due to unfounded allegations of anti-semitism. Its also in the Café Plume and starts at 7.30pm. More Info at … Jackie will also be speaking at the „In the time of the Slanderers“ conference on 10 February  and will be performing her play „The Lynching“, based on her experience on 11 February (organised by the Jewish Antifa). We strongly encourage people to attend both events” (Quelle:, eingesehen am 26. April 2018).

Marion Jackson: Ein Brief an Rüdiger Safranski und „intellektuell und empathisch Minderbegabte“

Heute schrieb mich eine Tübingerin an, da Rüdiger Safranski den Deutschen Nationalpreis 2018 erhalten soll. Die Briefeschreiberin und ich kannten uns zuvor nicht, auch wenn sie zufällig von meiner Alma Mater Tübingen kommt. BICSA dokumentiert hier den Brief, den Marion Jackson zuvor an Rüdiger Safranski geschickt hat,

Berlin, Frühlingsanfang 2018

Clemens Heni
Direktor, The Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA)


Marion Jackson: Ein Brief an Rüdiger Safranski und „intellektuell und empathisch Minderbegabte“


Sehr geehrter Herr Professor Safranski,

täglich lese ich und argumentiere ich gegen rechte Hetze im Netz. Viele der Positionen, die Sie vertreten, unterstützen die dortigen „Meinungen“. Wenn Sie anführen, es gäbe keine Pflicht zur Fremdenfreundlichkeit, wird es als Aufforderung zur Fremdenfeindlichkeit verstanden.

Wenn Sie vom „inflationären Geschwätz von Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Islamophobie“ reden, kennen Sie wahrscheinlich nicht Portale, die sich fast ausschließlich der Islam-Hetze, bis hin zu Aufrufen zu Gewalt gegen Muslime, PolitikerInnen und Andersdenkende usw. widmen. Die freuen sich jeweils über Zehntausende Likes und Follower.

Wenn Sie Misstrauen gegen Medien hegen, nähren Sie den tausendfachen Schrei „Lügenpresse“, und die Verabschiedung vieler Menschen in Echokammern und Filterblasen.

Wenn Sie die Willkommenskultur 2015 anprangern, vermitteln Sie den Eindruck, es wäre legitim gewesen, zigtausende Menschen vor unseren Grenzen verrotten und verrecken zu lassen.

Wenn Sie „vermeintlich Gutes“ kritisieren, und moralische Standards, die wir aufrechterhalten wollen, beschimpfen Sie uns quasi auch als „Gutmenschen“, die sich inzw. von den Bösmenschen als „moralisch versifft“ beschimpfen lassen müssen.

Sie bezichtigen den Staat, durch Rundumsubventionierung die Kultur zu verpflichten, und stellen somit die Freiheit der Kultur in Frage, kritisieren gar, dass sie die Menschen besser machen will. Ja was wollen Sie denn? Erziehung zu bösen Menschen?

Auch da spielen Sie der extremen Rechten mit deren Verschwörungstheorien in die Hände und unterstützen sie.

Sie unterstellen Muslimen mangelnde Integration, und vergessen dabei, dass nicht nur sie, sondern auch eine Gesellschaft Integrationsleistungen zu erbringen hat.

Haben Sie vergessen, wie wir Türken als Kanaken und Kümmelfresser betitelten, sie in den letzten Löchern unterbrachten und generell duzten? Welche Integrationswilligkeit erwarten sie da von einer Kultur, bei der Gastfreundschaft ein hohes Gut ist?

Sie wollen bestimmen, was für jeden gläubigen Muslim eine Zumutung ist, wie z.B. unsre Rechtsordnung. Ich darf ihnen versichern: ich kenne seit Jahrzehnten viele Muslime aus verschiedenen Regionen, die Ramadan halten, beten und voll integriert sind.

Sie beklagen, dass sich Parallelgesellschaften entwickeln, und zeigen mit dem Finger auf Muslime. Die Parallelgesellschaften der Rechten, der Reichsbürger, oder derer, die sich eigene Enklaven und Dörfer bauen, sehen Sie nicht.

Sie weisen darauf hin, dass Schulabgänger mit Migrationshintergrund weniger gebildet wären. Ihnen kommt nicht in den Sinn, dass dies auch mit bedingt sein könnte durch gesellschaftliche Ressentiment und Vorurteile, durch schlechtere Benotungen in der Schule, weniger Gymnasialempfehlungen, schlechtere Chancen auf Arbeitsplätze, Wohnungen bei gleicher Qualifikation usw. Statistisch sind unter anderen Bedingungen Migrantenkinder ehrgeiziger und Einheimischen schulisch überlegen.

Ich könnte ewig so weitermachen und gegen Ihre einzelnen Positionen anschreiben.

Sie meinen, unsere wohlhabenderen Gesellschaften werden mit einem schlechten Gewissen ihren Wohlstand nicht aufgeben.

Hätten Sie Ihren Intellekt genutzt, um auf die Notwendigkeit hinzudeuten, Politiker anderer Länder nicht zu korrumpieren, Regime zu hofieren, Menschen und Natur auszubeuten und Umweltfolgen zu hinterlassen, und unfaire Handelsbedingungen zu überdenken, was die Notwendigkeit zur Flucht reduzieren würde, können Sie auch guten Gewissens schlafen – so Sie eins haben.

Ich bin strikt dagegen, dass Sie den Deutschen Nationalpreis bekommen. Die Spalter unserer Gesellschaft sind die intellektuell und empathisch Minderbegabten mit ihren machtorientierten, rechtsideologischen, antidemokratischen Führern und Führerinnen, die Ihre Thesen, Herr Safranski, bejubeln.

Mit freundlichem Gruß,

Marion Jackson


Prof. Alexander Yakobson on Trump, the Jewish state of Israel and the threat of a “binational” Jerusalem

Dear listeners to BICSA radio:

Today, December 10, 2017, we made a fascinating interview with historian and professor Alexander Yakobson from Hebrew University, about Trump  and Jerusalem.

If we do not distinguish between West-Jerusalem (Hebrew, Jewish and Israeli) and East-Jerusalem (Arab, Muslim and Palestinian), Jerusalem might become a “binational” city and threaten the very idea of a Jewish capital (and finally the Jewish state) living peaceful side by side with a Palestinian state.

How “reliable” (Michael Oren, who embraces Trump in an interview with the German boulevard BILD-Zeitung) is an American President who said that among a neo-Nazi rally who screamed “Jews will not replace us” are “very fine people”?

What about the German pro-Israel camp? Can we embrace all kind of pro-Israel people, just because they are against the left and Islamist antisemitism?

How does a Zionist response to Trump’s decision sound like?

Prof. Alexander Yakobson, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Listen to the interview here:

Jews should stop supporting the Alt-Right and the enemies of the Jewish people

Times of Israel, November 22, 2017

In these troubled days there is no inclination for a flowery introduction. No time for the flowers when 60,000 neo-Nazis march through the streets of Warsaw, flaunting Nazi salutes and promoting a “white” Poland while the minister of the interior applauds, when American neo-Nazis scream “Jews will not replace us” and a US President finds “fine people” among them, in a time when the first neo-Nazi party ever was elected to the postwar German Parliament, the Bundestag. All this in 2017.

Medias in res: Let’s be crystal clear – the pro-Israel camp in the US, Europe and Israel has a huge problem with right-wing extremism, racism, antisemitism and bigotry. Plain and simple.

During my time as a post-doctoral associate at Yale University in 2008-2009, I joined the chairperson of my center, the eminent scholar and dauntless campaigner for an academic response to resurgent antisemitism, Dr. Charles Small, founder of the Institute for the Global Study of Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), and another colleague for an event at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. There was an interesting debate going on with about “Radical Islam and the Nuclear Bomb.” Later, we had a vibrant discussion with Bret Stephens in a smaller circle. Now, Stephens works as a journalist for the New York Times and in a groundbreaking piece on November 16, 2017, he boldly critiqued the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA):

“The Zionist Organization of America feted Stephen K. Bannon at a gala dinner in New York on Sunday night. What a disgrace.

What a mistake, too. It’s a disgrace because no organization that purports to represent the interests of the Jewish people should ever embrace anyone who embraces anti-Semites. Jews have enemies enough.”

Stephens compares the Zionist Organization of America to the anti-Zionist Jewish Voice for Peace, and he does so quite rightly:

“But just as there are anti-Zionist Jews, there are also anti-Semitic Zionists.”

While the Zionist Organization of America hosts and praises the far-right’s hero of the decade, Steve Bannon, the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), headquartered in Los Angeles, even prayed publicly in a PR extravaganza for a new president who is sexist, racist and a follower of antisemitic conspiracy myths.

The Middle East Forum’s (MEF) president Daniel Pipes left the Republican Party (GOP) after 44 years, due to the nomination of Trump. His statement, explaining why he left the GOP is truly important and much to the point:

“The Republican Party nominated Donald Trump as its candidate for president of the United States – and I responded by ending my 44-year GOP membership. Here’s why I bailed, quit, and jumped ship: First, Trump’s boorish, selfish, puerile, and repulsive character, combined with his prideful ignorance, his off-the-cuff policy making, and his neo-fascistic tendencies make him the most divisive and scary of any serious presidential candidate in American history.”

Pipes stands for an anti-Islamist position, distinguishing between Islam as a religion and Islamism as an ideology. Islamism and jihad are main threats to the Western world, to America, and the Jewish state of Israel. Supporting moderate Muslims is also important to the MEF and Pipes.

While Jewish anti-Zionists are very troubling these days, including their support for BDS, pro-Zionist Jewish bodies are of course not attacked by think tanks such as the MEF. However, that same Middle East Forum now goes ahead and supports an extreme right-wing German online page called “Journalistenwatch,” which is a trumpet for the Alternative for Germany (AfD), who’s then chairwoman Frauke Petry was very happy after the election of Trump. It was a big win for the extreme Right.

On November 9, 2017, the anniversary of the Night of Broken Glass in 1938, Journalistenwatch published an article by Max Erdinger (the article is signed by “ME”, which stands for Max Erdinger). It attacks Jews in Germany, namely former head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany (2006–2010) and former Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Charlotte Knobloch, for her stance against neo-Nazis in general and the extreme right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) in particular.

The article blames the Central Council of Jews in Germany for their policies of remembrance for the Shoah. Charlotte Knobloch (85 years old), a Holocaust survivor, also works with the World Jewish Congress (WJC) on issues related to Holocaust remembrance. Journalistenwatch writes that Knobloch “agitates” against those who fight immigration and non-Germans.

They blame Knobloch for doing so while in Paris jihadist murder was going on. The accusation that she was silent on Muslim antisemitism, while Knobloch is among the best known critics of Muslim antisemitism, is part of the fake news plague of our time of Trumpism and right-wing extremist conspiracy myths.

Readers will soon learn just how active Knobloch and the Central Council of Jews in Germany are in fighting Islamist antisemitism.

Journalistenwatch says in Erdinger’s piece on November 9, 2017 that there must be “calculation” behind the behavior of Jews such as Knobloch and the Central Council of Jews in Germany in order to succeed in urging Germans to commemorate the Holocaust. What calculation? A Jewish conspiracy? That is an antisemitic resentment, aimed at Jews who urge non-Jews to remember the crimes of their forefathers and foremothers.

Journalistenwatch goes on to bemoan that it is

“not enough to visit concentration camp memorial sites. Then, we also need to talk about communism and socialism, about Stalin, Mao, PolPot, South Africa and the North Korean leader”.

That kind of Holocaust distortion is well-known in the field of research of antisemitism. When asked about Auschwitz, one  answers with Stalin, and that is a clear case of antisemitism –

Why? Because the Red Army liberated Auschwitz, while the Germans had built it and killed and gassed some 1.5 million people there, among them 1.2 million Jews. Stalin’s own crimes have nothing to do with Holocaust remembrance. Yet, this typical reaction by ordinary Germans and their allies is part of today’s Holocaust distortion or “double genocide” ideology. The infamous Prague Declaration and the critique by eminent scholar and defender of history, Professor Dovid Katz from Lithuania, is a case in point.

At the end of the November 9 article by Journalistenwatch we find:

“Therefore, Central Council of Jews in Germany: finally, become honest or shut up your impertinent mouth.”

Jews who urge Germans to visit concentration camps, have an “impertinent mouth”? If that is not antisemitism, what is?

Does the Middle East Forum (MEF) and Daniel Pipes truly want to support a group like Journalistenwatch that is defaming the leading Jewish, Zionist and anti-Islamist body in Germany, the Central Council of Jews in Germany? The Central Council of Jews in Germany is the best-known Jewish voice in Germany when it comes to defending the Jewish state of Israel, to remembering the Holocaust, to protecting German Jews, and combating Muslim antisemitism, and right-wing, left-wing as well as mainstream antisemitism in all its forms.

Journalistenwatch obviously fights against the Jewish community in Germany, which is represented by the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Of course, they might find two or three extremist Jews, who share their resentment against the Central Council. We also have left-wing anti-Zionist Jews in Germany who like to defame the Zionist Central Council of Jews. There are diverse views, and highly fringe views, among all groups, but that is not the point.

For non-Jews in Germany, the Central Council of Jews in Germany is the core concept of “the enemy.” In 2002, extreme right-wing politician Jürgen Möllemann from the Libertarian Party (FDP) accused Ariel Sharon for killing children with tanks, and he attacked Michel Friedman for defending Israel and the Jews. At the time, Friedman was Vice President of the Central Council (May 2002), Möllemann had said on TV (Channel 2, ZDF), on May 16, 2002, that “Jews,” such as “Ariel Sharon or Michel Friedman,” “are responsible for growing antisemitism.” Today, Friedman, who is a public intellectual and journalist, is also anti-Nazi and anti-AfD, to be sure. Hatred of Friedman, and nowadays Charlotte Knobloch or today’s head of the Central Council, Josef Schuster, indicates hatred of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and this has not stopped, but only increased in the years to 2017. Journalistenwatch is a case in point.

Linguist and scholar of antisemitism, Professor Monika Schwarz-Friesel of the Technical University Berlin, in 2013 published a book, co-written with Jehuda Reinharz (former President of Brandeis University, from 1994–2010), dealing with 14,000 antisemitic letters to the Central Council of Jews in Germany and to the Israeli Embassy in Germany between 2002 and 2012. They underline that the Central Council of Jews is a core target for antisemites in Germany, including and most importantly, from the mainstream. Journalistenwatch clearly promotes that kind of hatred towards the Central Council.

The Central Council very often gives interviews or statements against different forms of antisemitism. On July 23, 2017, for example, Josef Schuster, gave an interview to the leading newspaper BILD, urging Muslim organizations to be more active against Muslim antisemitism. In an interview with RP online, May 15, 2017, Schuster argued against Muslim antisemitism as well as neo-Nazi antisemitism and he rejects the fantasy, that the AfD is pro-Jewish. On August 5, 2014, then head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, says the Jewish world in Germany feels “shock waves” after aggressive antisemitic rallies during the Gaza war, mainly from Islamists and Muslim antisemites.

After the jihadist attacks in Paris against the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in January 2015, in an interview with the Berlin based daily Tagesspiegel, January 24, 2015, Schuster argued vehemently against Muslim and Islamist antisemitism. On January 14, 2015, Charlotte Knobloch was quoted as saying she “fears Islamist terrorism”. After the jihadist massacre in Paris on November 13, 2015, where 130 civilians were killed by jihadists, including 89 people at a rock concert in the Bataclan club in downtown Paris, Knobloch, as head of the Israelite Community of Munich [Israelitische Kultusgemeinde München und Oberbayern], issued a statement the following day calling the outrage a “terror of a new dimension.” On November 18, 2017, Knobloch published an article in the mainstream Focus journal, urging Muslims and immigrants to stop preaching anti-Western ideology, including antisemitism and hatred of democracy and a Western way of life.

So much for the blatant untruths of Journalistenwatch that the Central Council of Jews in Germany and Charlotte Knobloch are unable or reluctant to deal with Muslim antisemitism or jihad. It’s just fake news, period.

Islamism, Muslim antisemitism and jihad are at the core of the work of the Central Council. But Journalistenwatch intentionally agitates against Jews such as Knobloch, because she does not share their extreme right-wing agenda.

Journalistenwatch can’t stand Charlotte Knobloch and the Central Council of Jews in Germany, because they stand for a pro-Israel agenda, for genuine Holocaust remembrance, and for a clear stance against neo-Nazism, right-wing extremism and the far-right AfD party.

This extremist agenda of the Far Right in Germany can be seen ever so clearly this month. In November alone, Journalistenwatch agitated against an anti-Nazi congress in Munich, to be held at the Munich chapter of the huge German Trade Union [Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, DGB], which has more than six million members. At that left-wing Antifa congress, the AfD and the right-wing extremist Pegida-movement (Patriots against Islamiziation of the Occident) joined forces and some 50-60 activists protested outside the 600 Antifa people who were a part of the congress.

One of the Pegida-counter protesters, who also joined the AfD event against the Antifa, was a certain Karl-Heinz Statzberger, as the Bavarian chapter of the German first TV channel, Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), reports. Statzberger is a convicted neo-Nazi. He wanted to blow up the Jewish Community Center of Munich and was convicted for that crime; his sentence was four years and four months in jail, alongside with his fellow neo-Nazis, including Martin Wiese (seven years) and others.

Today, according to the German daily tageszeitung (taz), Statzberger supports the neo-Nazis of the “National Socialist Underground” [Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund, NSU], who since May 2013 face trial in Munich. The NSU killed at least 10 people between 2000 and 2006, among them nine immigrants and one police officer.

So much for the hapless pretense by Journalistenwatch that the AfD is not connected to neo-Nazis. Journalistenwatch reported about the events against the Antifa congress in Munich without mentioning the participation of a convicted neo-Nazi among the Pegida and AfD “protesters”. Instead, Journalistenwatch posted a video online by a speaker at the Anti-Antifa event, an AfD MP in the Bundestag, Wolfgang Wiehle, who spoke there on Nov. 4, 2017.

German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said prior to the election, that “real Nazis” will be standing at the speakers desk in Parliament, if the AfD is elected, and Minister of Justice Heiko Maas emphasized, that the party program of the AfD is “in part against the German constitution.”

AfD politician Beatrix von Storch claims that “Islam as such is a political ideology and not compatible with the German constitution.” That contradicts the distinction between Islam as a religion and Islamism as an ideology, made by Pipes and the MEF. The Huffington Post reported on May 27, 2013, about an event with Daniel Pipes about Islamism and Islam and the crucial distinction between Islam and Islamism. If all of Islam is Islamism, we would have lost. Israel would be lost, liberal Muslims couldn’t exist. But they do exist, as the event in Mississauga, a town near Toronto in Canada, where Pipes spoke, indicates. He was invited by a Muslim Committee against Antisemitism. The AfD rejects the core difference between Islam and Islamism.

In their party program of June 2016, the AfD rejects “minarets” in general, which violates freedom of religion and stands against the principles of the Middle East Forum, because, we assume, the MEF supports moderate Muslims, who might be among those who go into mosques with minarets.

In their program for the federal elections to the German Parliament, the Bundestag, on September 24, 2017, from April 2017, the AfD again rejected “minarets” as such. That, again, violates the German constitution and is set against the freedom of religion. Then, the AfD party program rejected also shechita (traditional Jewish slaughtering according to the laws of kosherness) in all its forms (see point 13.4 of their program). In particular they aim at “religious communities” and want to forbid shechita for them as well (nowadays, Germany allows shechtia for religious communities). Is the Middle East Forum against the freedom of religion?

Leading AfD politician Alexander Gauland said on September 2, 2017 at a meeting at the German nationalist symbol, the mountain Kyffhäuser in Thuringia, we should be “proud of two German armies in two World Wars” — including, in other words, the role of the German Wehrmacht in the Holocaust and the destruction of Poland, Belarus, the western Soviet Union and vast parts of Europe. Being proud of the German Army in the Second World War also includes pride for having killed American soldiers.

We are dealing here (most probably) with American donors to the Middle East Forum (MEF) that supported the page Journalistenwatch, which promotes and embraces the AfD, and Gauland is No.1 of the AfD in the German Bundestag, alongside with Alice Weidel. Giving money to an online news page that promotes and supports a political party, which is proud of German soldiers who participated in the Holocaust and also killed American and Allied soldiers who saved Europe from Hitler? Really? Journalistenwatch defends Gaulands pride in the German army of the Second World War!

Former head of the party Frauke Petry has reintroduced the Nazi word “völkisch” (“of the People” in a nationalist-racist conceptual framework) into the mainstream. It was a prime antisemitic term in Nazi Germany.

Other AfD politicians used Nazi slogans such as “Deutschland Erwache,” a slogan of the Storm Troopers (SA, Sturmabteilung), the SS (Schutzstaffel) and the Nazi Party (NSDAP). It is nowadays used on Twitter by Cologne AfD member Hendrik Rottmann, according to a report by the daily Die Welt. That slogan is illegal in Germany, as it resembles Nazi ideology (§86, 4 of the German Criminal Code, see report of the Saxonian chapter of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, report 2015, page 9). Journalistenwatch defends Rottmann.

Many AfD politicians share violent fantasies about hurting, hunting, torturing or killing left-wingers, the Antifa, Muslims, Jews, pro-abortion women etc. Journalistenwatch is promoting the AfD. Prior to his AfD membership Holger Arppe, an MP of the AfD in the northeastern state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, according to leading news site in Germany, Spiegel Online, wrote in a chat on March 17, 2012: “Perhaps we should kidnap [name’s] mother, brutally rape her on a daily basis by a chimp and then send [an acquaintance] a finger, day by day.”

Journalistenwatch trivializes the sick and violent fantasies of AfD-Arppe and equate this politician to Erdogan’s hostage in jail, German journalist Deniz Yücel, and his editor-in-chief of the daily Die Welt, Ulf Poschardt. For Journalistenwatch neo-Nazi-style Arppe, anti-Islamist Yücel, who is also critical of German nationalism, and his ally Poschardt are equally horrible. This kind of comparison is nothing but an insidious trivialization of violent fantasies of the Alternative for Germany’s personal (Arppe) and their loudspeakers (Journalistenwatch).

AfD MP in the Bundestag, Markus Frohnmaier, is working at a “German Centre for Eurasian Studies.” He is collaborating with right-wing extremist Manuel Ochsenreiter, editor of the journal “Zuerst.” Ochsenreiter wrote an anti-Israel book about “The Power of the Zionist lobby in Germany”, that was translated into Farsi with help of the Iranian Ministry of Culture, according to an article by exile Iranian, anti-Islamist and pro-Israel activist Kazem Moussavi. Frohnmaier is a spokesperson for AfD MP Alice Weidel, number one of the party in Parliament, together with Alexander Gauland. Journalistenwatch promotes Frohnmaier.

Journalist Esther Scheiner from Switzerland, who made aliyah to Israel several years ago, urges the Middle East Forum (MEF) to immediately stop supporting antisemitic and extreme right-wing groups such as “Journalistenwatch”, as she writes on a German language Israeli news site.

In 2015, for the first time, a German minister, Heiko Maas, Minister of Justice, spoke at the Israeli government sponsored Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism. Maas is a leading voice against neo-Nazism, right-wing extremism as well as the “Alternative for Germany (AfD).”

Support for Israel must be right in the mainstream, not a partisan project of neo-Nazis, who want a Jew-free Germany (and America).

American NGOs and think tanks, such as the Middle East Forum (MEF), might have reasonable concern about the failure of scholarship and activism when it comes to Israel and jihad, as the pro-Edward Said post-colonial mainstream would seem to indicate. Therefore, support for serious anti-Islamist scholarship and activism, as well as support for Zionist scholarship and activism is essential – but not support for those, who join Germany’s far-right antisemitic establishment in defaming German Jews like Charlotte Knobloch or the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

If NGOs or think tanks support such extreme right-wing groups, they do not just harm Israel and Jews in Germany, they even work against their own commitment to protect American values and interests. Since when has it been an American interest to support German neo-Nazi style agitators who endorse a party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which is “proud of German soldiers in two World Wars,” including the Wehrmacht in the Second World War and the Holocaust, and the killing of American soldiers? Since when do donors or members of boards of governors support such German neo-Nazi type groups?

They would do better to listen to Bret Stephens in the New York Times:

“If Israel is going to retain mainstream political support, it cannot allow itself to become the pet cause of right-wing bigots and conspiracy theorists. That requires putting serious distance between Bannon and every pro-Israel organization, to say nothing of the Israeli government itself, by refusing to provide a platform for him and his ilk. Personal and national reputations alike always depend on the company one keeps. Not every would-be supporter deserves consideration as a friend.”

The very same far-right people in the pro-Israel camp also should listen to historian Martin Kramer from the Shalem College in Israel: in an article in Mosaic Magazine, November 6, 2017, he emphasizes the pro-Zionist role of Stalin, Gromyko and other Soviet politicians and diplomats in the years 1947–1949. Without Gromyko, Israel might not have had a diplomatic chance, as US President Truman was not at all as Zionist as many American Jews still like to believe. Stalin was much more pro-Israel at that time, and Stalin was the one who defeated the Germans and who liberated Auschwitz. Without Czech weaponry and Soviet help, Israel would probably not have survived the War of Independence.

Why remember that? Because bipartisanship is at the core of Zionism. Jews and Zionists depended on capitalists and communists to make Israel happen. In Germany, many of the often-defamed Antifa are anti-Nazi and pro-Israel, while the self-declared pro-Israel far right is antisemitic.

Zionists and Jews do not depend on neo-Nazis to defend them, to be sure.

At the end of the day, neo-Nazis want to kill the Jews. However, too many well-meaning pro-Israel Jews, many quiet naive, still don’t get it.

Today, many people in the pro-Israel camp defame Zionist left-wingers and defame every kind of reasonable criticism of Israeli policies or poor pro-Israel advocacy in Germany or other countries. Many simply deny that there are troubling tendencies in Israeli political culture. We do not ignore Arab, Palestinian and Islamist antisemitism, of course. The Arab rejection of the UN partition plan from November 1947 was a historical mistake. It is not the one and only problem, though. The occupation after 1967 is a problem, too, no doubt about this. Just ask David Ben-Gurion.

Some rightwing Zionists in countries such as Germany and America defame Israeli liberals while lionizing pro-fascists such as Bannon. Some would like to forget that President Trump did not mention Jews in his special message for Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2017, an omission that is not “accidental” in the current state of discourse.

Bret Stephens continues in the New York Times:

“The second reason is that political support for Israel is too important to tarnish through association with the likes of Bannon or European kindred spirits such as Holland’s Geert Wilders or Hungary’s Viktor Orban. Israel is not a latter-day Crusader kingdom holding out against a 21st-century Mahometan horde. It is a small democracy trying to uphold a set of liberal values against autocrats and religious fanatics sworn to its destruction. Zionists love Israel because of the way in which it brings together the values of individual freedom and Jewish civilization, not because of some blood and soil nationalism.“

Therefore, we strongly urge the Middle East Forum (MEF) to stop supporting extreme right-wing groups such as “Journalistenwatch” in Germany, and all other groups that harm the Jewish state of Israel, defame left-of-center Zionism, or Jewish bodies such as the Central Council of Jews in Germany. They must stop supporting groups that agitate against all immigrants and Muslims and reject any distinction between Islam and Islamism, reject Holocaust remembrance and praise the German (or Lithuanian or Hungarian, or Ukrainian etc.) armies and units who were involved in perpetrating the Holocaust.

It is all common sense. We need to step back and soberly assess the unique and disturbing combinations and juxtapositions of 2017.


An earlier, much shorter version of this article was published in The Times of Israel (TOI) blogs on November 18, 2017. The German online news blog “Journalistenwatch” complained and told TOI that their author McMahon was not quoted correctly from an October 2017 article. In fact, I did not at all refer to that article. I referred rather to an article from November 9, 2017, as indicated in the text. In any event, TOI deleted my article and sent it back (without asking me if I had quoted that October 2017 article, which I had not). Falsification of fact to undermine honest discourse is alas a hallmark of “Journalistenwatch” and hopefully major international Jewish journals and portals will stand their ground firmly.

The author, Clemens Heni, Ph.D., wrote a M.A. thesis in 1999 (at Bremen University) about the relationship of Germany, antisemitism and the Holocaust, comparing Daniel J. Goldhagen’s (Harvard) study “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” (1996) to Critical Theory’s masterpiece “Dialectic of Enlightenment” by Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno (1944/47); in January 2001 (during the second Intifada), he was a co-author of a brochure about left-wing anti-Zionism in Germany, based on the antisemitic hijacking by left-wing Germans of the Revolutionäre Zellen (RZ) and Palestinians of an airplane in June/July 1976 to Entebbe (Uganda), where Benjamin Netanyahu’s elder brother Yoni was killed; in 2006 he received his Ph.D. at the University of Innsbruck (Austria, “summa cum laude”) with a study (509 pages) about political culture and the New Right in German political mainstream from 1970–2005; in 2008/09 he was a Post-Doc Associate at Yale University (Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism, YIISA), doing a study about German antisemitism, including the Nazi time and post-Holocaust antisemitism (332 pages); in 2011 he published a study about Islamic Studies and Antisemitism in Germany after 9/11 (410 pages, in German, supported by the Middle East Forum, MEF); in 2013 he published his study “Antisemitism: A Specific Phenomenon Holocaust Trivialization – Islamism – Post-colonial and Cosmopolitan anti-Zionism” (648 pages; review in the Middle East Quarterly by the MEF in 2017); in 2014 he did a book (177 pages, in German) about “Critical Theory and Israel. Max Horkheimer and Judith Butler, Judaism, binationalism and Zionism” (lecture at ISGAP in April 2014); 2017 he published a collection of essays (in German, 262 pages) about German nationalism, racism and antisemitism, entitled “An Alternative towards Germany” (also as an E-Book); Heni is director of the Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA), founded in 2011; since 2016 BICSA organizes the Robert S. Wistrich (1945–2015) Memorial lectures (on May 19); 2011 BICSA published Wistrich’s brochure “Muslim Antisemitism” (American Jewish Committee, 2002) in a German translation, 2015 BICSA published a second edition of Wistrich’s groundbreaking “Hitler’s Apocalypse” from 1985, including his analysis of the Islamist threat; 2017, BICSA translated (Clemens Heni and Michael Kreutz, 456 pages) the book “The Israeli Nation-State,” co-edited by Fania Oz-Salzberger and Yedidia Z. Stern, into German; Since May 2016, Heni is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA) by Academic Studies Press, Boston, MA.


Clemens Heni – Eine Alternative zu Deutschland. Essays

NEUERSCHEINUNG am 30. September 2017:

Clemens Heni

Eine Alternative zu Deutschland. Essays


Berlin: Edition Critic, 2017

ISBN 978-3-946193-17-3 | Softcover | 14,8x21cm | 262 Seiten | Personenregister | 15€

Bestellbar in jeder Buchhandlung oder versandkostenfrei direkt beim Verlag:



Dieses Buch ist eine intellektuelle Zeitreise von Juli 2006 bis September 2017.

Es zeigt auf, wie es vom »Sommermärchen« 2006 über die Rede vom »Inneren

Reichsparteitag«, Pegida, den Austritt Großbritanniens aus der EU (Brexit), die

Wahl Donald Trumps zum US-Präsidenten bis hin zum Aufstieg der AfD kommen

konnte. Betont wird die Verantwortung der Medien und des Fernsehens für

diesen Aufstieg. Die demokratischen Parteien im Deutschen Bundestag müssen

sich das erste Mal in der Geschichte mit neonazistischen Positionen im Parlament

befassen – doch sind sie darauf vorbereitet?


»Wer nach einer Vergewisserung sucht, wo Deutschland heute steht, wird sie in diesem Buch finden. Mit scharfem Verstand und mit angespitzter Feder zeichnet Clemens Heni funkelnde Momentaufnahmen der letzten elf Jahre. Heraus kommt, wie bestürzend sich die zivile Achse des zuvor offenen Selbstverständnisses nach rechts verschoben hat. Wer die Hoffnung auf eine bessere Zukunft teilt, muss die Gegenwart schonungslos kritisch beleuchten. Daraus mag ›eine Alternative zu Deutschland‹ entstehen.«

Gert Weisskirchen, 1976–2009 Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages (MdB), 1999–2009 außenpolitischer Sprecher SPD Bundestagsfraktion, 2006–2008 persönlicher Beauftragter des OSZE Vorsitzenden im Kampf gegen  Antisemitismus, Prof. (em.).

»Clemens Heni erkennt in der aktuellen politischen Kultur dieses Landes noch immer die Spuren des Judenhasses und des von Deutschen begangenen und zu verantwortenden Mordes an den europäischen Juden. Ohne mit Heni in allen Fällen übereinzustimmen, führen seine Beiträge doch ins Herz der aktuellen Debatte über Deutschland und regen zu fruchtbarem Widerspruch an.«

Prof. Dr. Micha Brumlik, 2000–2013 Professor für »Theorien der Bildung und Erziehung « am Institut für Allgemeine Erziehungswissenschaft der Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, 2000–2005 Direktor des Fritz Bauer Instituts, Forschungs- und Dokumentationszentrum zur Geschichte des Holocaust an der Goethe Universität.

»Wo nationalistische Töne sich erheben, ein Schlussstrich unter die deutschen Verbrechen des vergangenen Jahrhunderts gefordert und Judenhass zu einer scheinheiligen Kritik an Israel sublimiert wird, holt Clemens Heni zum grossen Rundumschlag aus: gegen Zyniker, Großaffirmatoren, Antihumanisten und Holocaustverharmloser im Deutschland der Gegenwart. Selbst wenn man ihm nicht immer folgen mag, schreibt er doch mit viel Scharfsinn und Sachkenntnis. Fazit: Unbedingt lesenswert und gerade vor dem Hintergrund der Bundestagswahl von brennender Aktualität.«

Dr. phil. Michael Kreutz, Politologe und Orientalist

»Clemens Heni ist ein Ein-Mann-Korrektiv zum andauernden deutschen Geschichts-Roll-Back, wach, intelligent, unerlässlich in Zeiten der schwächelnden Demokratie.«

Georg Diez, Spiegel-Online-Kolumnist, Buchautor, 2016/17 Nieman Fellow der Harvard Universität, USA

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